Week 1

1) Name response
Practice on tether- use doorknob. fence, tree, etc.
Repeat 100s of times, as shown.

2) Sit on cue
Same as above, use tether, multiple reps.

3) Maintain sit while being handled.
Use tether multiple reps. Cue "sit". Dog tastes treat
while handler goes over dog, stroking and praising.
If dog breaks "sit" before handler releases dog (okay) Handler uses an NRM (No reward marker), turning away from dog for 5-10 secs. Return. Repeat until dog maintains rock solid sit.

4) Down on cue
Use tether and tunnel, created by sitting on floor,
lure dog under legs.

4a) if your dog understands "down" condition a "no reward marker, when he moves out of position, as shown.

5) Deference protocol. Use prop, corner or wall.
Set dog up against prop, surround with food, as shown. Reinforce multiple times, dog avoiding
food on floor.

6) Bring gentleleader headcollar, size X large.
We will desensitize dogs to collar and practice
leash walking at the next lesson

Week 2

1) Continue week one assignments.

2) Desensitize dogs to headcollars, as shown.

3) Progress to distance control using deference
protocol # 5.

4) Fade use of lures. Verbal cues only.
Down, sit, target.

Week 3

1) Continue deference protocol #5, week 2, as it will be included in the week 4 lesson

2) Continue Week one exercises on tether, add distance, "down", "sit", as shown. Dog should
learn to discriminate between these cues. 30 reps/session/daily

3) Mandatory settle. Practice while sitting in a chair, as shown. Reinforce dog only when relaxed.
Enlist friends to help, as shown. Change locations.

4) Headcollars, move short distances, around chairs, as shown. Use name response, while moving slowly and using continuous reinforcement. The goal is smooth movement, teamwork. Add halts (sit) and drops (down), as shown.
60 reps /session/daily

Week 4

1) Remember to use headcollars. Continue to desensitize by sidestepping, call by name, click
and treat., as shown. Dog will need 100s of reps..

Find distracting environments in which to practice.

a) add sit, down; mix cues. Dog should not be able to predict what you'll ask.

2) Deference protocol, down. Use wall or other prop.
10 mins twice a day. Keep food boundary tidy, close to feet, as shown. Don't allow dog to steal food.

3) Move around prop (chairs) w/ dog in heel position, as shown. Use name response. Go slowly. Mix cues,: sit, down.

4) Recall practice, only as shown. 500 reps
before our next meeting.

Week 5

1) Continue working on deference protocol, alternate between "sit' and "down". Move away from dog, control from distance.

2) Continue rehearsing verbal cues and hand signals, from distance. Dog should be tethered.
change location frequently. Work outdoors.

3) Use the headcollars. Walk in public places.
Substitute parking curbs or fencing for chair set up,
during heelwork, use props as much as possible to
reinforce smooth, attentive walking.

4) Continue recall practice. 500 reps !

Hoping to remove leashes at the next lesson, please practice as much as possible !

Week 6

1) Continue deference protocol, "sit" or "down"
10 minutes a day.

2) Use headcollars regularly in public. Never allow dog to pull.

3) Review past exercises, make certain dog will
respond from a distance. Use tether set -up outdoors. 10 minutes a day.

4) Continue off leash work, as shown. Warm -up with above exercises before removing Brush up on name response seperately if experiencing problems w/distractions. 10 minutes a day.

5) Continue recall practice, as shown. 500 reps.

6) Look for dumbbell online, Max 200, or purchase at "Fetch" on Commercial Street.