February 6, 2006

My name is Bonita Day and I am the proprietor of Sierra's
Kennel & Labradors located in New Gloucester, Maine. I have
been involved with the training of dogs for over thirty years..
..16 of those years have been spent studying, working with
and training Labrador Retrievers for obedience, companion
therapy dogs and hunting. I currently do temperament
evaluations and retraining for Lab Rescue, Inc. I have also
titled dogs up through the Master Level in the American Kennel Club program which is recognised in the United States and

I have had the pleasure of knowning Sherry Britton for over four years. Currently I am training under her guidance for obedience and frequently seek her advice wih difficult Labradors in for retraining. Throughout my knowing Sherry, she has displayed professionalism in all realms of her training; a true love of dogs and a huge desire to help owners learn to understand, train and cohabitate with whatever breed they choose - no matter how large the obstacle, so they might finish in the best interest of both dog/owner. Sherry's ability to read and understand dogs goes beyond anyone that I have ever known.
She extends generosity to those who are in need, thinking only in the best interest of the
dog involved. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer as there is no one to police this title.
a true trainer has earned accomplishments not only by trialing but also through teaching
and monitoring those earned under her guidance. In the chase for money, anyone can call themselves a trainer, BUT only those who are respected and have earned that right can
truly make a difference in the right direction. Sherry's accomplishments with her students, her success rate in modifying aggressive or difficult dogs, and earned AKC titles, speak for themselves.

Bonnie Day
Sierra's Kennel and Labradors
March 31st , 2007

Sherry Britton has helped me with my dogs for nearly 9 years. She has helped me with a troubled mixed breed, increasing the dog's confidence and
focus enough that the dog made a nice companion for competition. With her
help that little dog learned tricks and went on to learn competitive obedience and compete in agility trials.

My next troubled dog was a severely aggressive little Min Pin. He was dog aggressive and human aggresive and I never could have continued with that dog without Sherry's help. He now has an obedience title and is one of the top agility dogs in the country !
Without Sherry's knowledge of how to change reactivity in dogs, I never could have brought him to a competition. He would lunge and snap at other dogs and people. His life was essentially in danger and Sherry helped me to socialize him and teach him self control so that he could become the best he is and is now able to handle the crowds and other dogs at competitive events ! I'm also forever grateful to Sherry for her continued general assistance with the Min Pin rescue dogs we get in. She has helped so many of our dogs either to stay in or transition nicely to new homes. Even dogs we did not consider adoptable, Sherry came to our assistance and helped guide these dogs in the right direction.

Amy Carlsen, Veterinary Technician
Regional Coordinator, IMPS Minature Pinscher Rescue www.minpinrescue.org/

April 10th, 2007

Sherry Britton has been an enormous help in the training of our Welsh Terrier. I cannot imagine a more considerate or devoted teacher. The experience and intuitiveness with all breeds and personalities will bring to anyone who is considering obedience training, a personal sense of accomplishment and a new respect for the family dog.

Ms. Charlotte and Dr. Phillip Cole
Cape Elizabeth, Maine
What does it say, Charlie ?
April 26th, 2007

Sherry Britton and I fiirst met over 15 years ago when we were both members of Vacationland Obedience Training Club. I enlisted her training expertise when I purchased a hyperactive Golden Retriever named Laney who was obtained to show in the obedience ring. It was through Sherry's training and guidance that I successfully got Laney under control. she matured from that hyperactive puppy into a wonderful companion and obedience show dog. With Sherry's problem solving and training, Laney became Mandell's Marlenes Celebration, UD, RA (she died before getting her last RE leg), CGC. Sherry has helped me train my successive Golden Retrievers for the obedience show ring, earning multiple obedience and rally obedience titles. I recommend Sherry to my clients, friends and puppy buyers, whether it's a pet, show dog or behavior problem. She definitely has a "way" with the dogs.

Janice Baserga, DVM
Owner and sometimes breeder of Golden Retrievers

April 29th, 2007

We found Sherry at the end of a long road, a road strewn with training books, videos, and a behaviorist - all to try to find some help for our aggressive dog. At the very first meeting, Sherry was able to pinpoint some of the issues and control him. In the end, she had saved him from being euthanized.

Since the momentous first meeting, Sherry has helped us tremendously with managing our dogs. We have participated in her classes and have consulted with her to modify bad behavior before it establishes itself.

We highly recommend Sherry's positive training methods. She is deeply committed to working with people and their dogs to improve their relationships.

Margaret and Tracey
Portland, Maine

May, 3rd, 2007

We tried various other classes to train Cagney: we use clicker training, we used choke-chain training, we went to conformation classes;  videos, books, private lessons, group lessons - Cagney just didn't have any interest in us.  At one class the instructor told me to run and hide, as the dog would get lonely and learn the recall. Cagney turned and went the other way as I waited patiently in the hall, another class we were not invited to continue!

Eventually, we tried a course at Pet Positive. When we arrived our impression was that it was the same as the other clicker classes.  A small group of puppies and their parents, all nervous and excited, lots of clickers and treats and noise and distractions.  But after just a few minutes, Sherry noticed that Cagney was not paying attention. 

She assigned Cagney a time out.  As Cagney didn't really want to be with us, anyway, this had no effect. Sherry was undeterred.  She assigned the rest of the class some exercises to work on with her assistant and came over to address Cagney.  She a good portion of the lesson working one on one with Cagney teaching her to pay attention.  She assigned us special homework that would help address the issue.  We noticed dramatic changes almost immediately. If Sherry had not spent that extra few minutes with us on that one evening, I'm not sure if we would have ever been successful with Cagney.

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With Sherry, we were able to work with Cagney to teach her to heel with spirit.  Until that time, heeling was a job she did without pleasure; now that attention had been earned, she was heeling with her head up, tail wagging, and a spring in her step. Three weeks into our training we went to the Cardigan National where Cagney took first place in her class.  The judge specifically commented on how lovely she looks while she gaits (heels). 

We have continued to train Cagney.  She has titles in Conformation, Obedience and Rally, Herding, and Agility. She is joy to work with and enjoys working.  None of this would have been possible had it not been for the special coaching and individual attention we received at Pet Positive. We will always remember how Sherry, almost miraculously, was able to read our dog and develop an effective solution.

Warren Evans
Manager, Baker, Newman, and Noyes
Windham, Maine

Pet Positive, Inc., P.O. Box 6247, Cape Elizabeth, Maine, 04107
207 767 5815
CH. Cagney, CDX
In this day and age of dog training, Sherry’s program stands the test of time and is head and shoulders above any other training program in the area. Many trainers these days hang out their sign and call themselves a dog trainer or behaviorist with little or no real life experience. Sherry has been living with and training dogs for a majority of her life and her program is a direct result of those many years of experience, dealing with hundreds of dogs over the years on a number of issues or concerns, keen observation, careful planning, immense attention to detail, and a total commitment to dogs..
When I got my puppy Dek, I really wanted to work high level obedience with him but I don’t believe that you need to put a prong or a choke collar on a dog to achieve what I was looking for. A friend recommended Sherry and I have been hooked ever since. My dog’s learning curve has been so fast and his behaviors are becoming so reliable while always keeping a happy working attitude, a sparkle in his eye, and a bounce in his gait. And its all because of Sherry’s guidance. Sherry is extremely generous with her time and knowledge and sincerely wants all her students to attain their individual goals. Sherry’s entry level classes lay a solid foundation for any competitive venue, such as rally, agility, fieldwork, obedience, etc.. while providing a comprehensive program for people and families that want their four legged friend to be a happy well socialized family member.

Jen Skelding
Pawsitively! Pet Supplies
Fryeburg, Maine

CH. Dek
August 28th, 2008
The story of a dog we rescued, modified, and re-homed
February 2009

Sherry is amoung the very best in the business. She is a professional and helps her clients achieve measureable results, even with dogs who have serious behavior issues.
She is undaunted by challenging situations.

Anne Roderick
Vice President and CFO at Maine Today Media  

Charlie, CD
CH. Cagney,CDX
Ruby, CDX, MH.
Cookie, CDX